Lead Machine Learning Engineer

US (Remote)
USD 140,000 - 225,000 / year

Work experience

2-5 years

Experience level


Employment type



Job description:
Working with us you will get the benefits of working directly in the consumer product world while also tackling exciting data viz and engineering problems. We see learning and collaboration as the best parts of our day and believe spending 10% of your time making the other 90% of your life easier as a good bet. We are meeting-lite, lean, and hungry. That being said, we drop things as soon as we can to help each other out. We enjoy working with each other and are keen on solving grisly eCommerce and logistics problems.

You will work closely with the technical co-founder and our customers to lead the build out our first models for benchmarking business performance

  • Build out our first models for benchmarking business performance against other companies in their category using our dataset of ~175 merchants
  • Testing everything.
About You:
  • Experience deploying and monitoring transactional-based ML models.
  • Terraform proficiency.
  • Production Python experience.
  • Interest in the eCommerce and/or consumer space.
  • Desire to work in a startup and the hustle to move mountains. As our first hire, you will be instrumental in creating culture and owning foundational components of our system.
Tech Stack:
  • Back-end: Python, Django, GraphQL (graphene), pandas, numpy, pytest
  • Front-end: JavaScript, TypeScript, React, NextJs, Apollo, Jest, Enzyme
  • Infrastructure: AWS, Airflow, Terraform, Docker
Job Type: Full-time